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Would you like help preparing for an important audition or callback? Do you want to improve your “triple threat” skills? I offer classes in Vocal Technique, Monologue Performance, Coaching on Audition/Callback material, College Audition Preparation, University Resident Theatre Association Graduate and Theatre Bay Area Audition Preparation.

Having auditioned hundreds of actors over the years, I am constantly struck by how uncomfortable many of them are when walking into the audition room. Be it nerves, insecurity, a lack of confidence or preparation, or just plain lack of auditioning experience, actors often sabotage the one opportunity they have for making the kind of impression necessary for a casting director to say, “now that’s a good actor”, whether you are “right” for the role you are reading for or not.


  • Fully understand the material with a thorough character and script analysis and a comprehensive interpretation of sides.
  • Access the emotional life of the character with a specific and detailed approach that will deepen your intentions and strengthen your connection to the character.
  • Acquaint yourself with the genre requirements of the material and how genre affects your approach to the audition and your interaction with Casting.
  • Learn to make the kind of active, honest choices that will create self confidence in your work and inspire confidence in the director.
  • Coaching can be for a specific audition, or a work out session.

I believe that W. B. Yeats captured the elation of teaching when he wrote: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” My goal as a ‘teacher of actors’ is to ignite in my learners a passion that fosters a conflagration of experimentation and innovation in all areas of the collaboration of performing arts.

By assessing where my actors are with respect to our mutual learning goals, I can provide the scaffolding they need to build connections between what they already know and the new understandings they seek to create.  I have hundreds of monologues in every category, genre and are timed perfectly to meet the needs of Casting.

As a leader in theatre and performance curriculum development, I have maintained a high level of instruction, combined with an empathic sensitivity to the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of urban college students.  I have taught, reorganized and developed courses in:   Acting,  Directing, Voice/Diction/Dialects,  Reader’s Theatre, Auditioning, Acting for Film, Dance, Movement for the Actor, Oral Interpretation, Playwriting, Production, Stage Management, Stagecraft, Technical Theater, Makeup, Theatre Design, Performance Art, Theatre Appreciation and Theatre History.

I have team taught with acting faculty and staff from California Shakespeare Festival, Berkeley’s Shotgun Players, San Francisco’s A.C.T., African American Shakespeare Company, and The Actor’s Studio in NYC.   Many of my Drama students have been awarded full scholarships to universities or moved on to professional success based on their dedication and performance in my program.