In modern society we have precious few opportunities to gather together in a meaningful way; to explore the human condition. The theater provides communities a way to explore issues while bringing people into the same room. Within this environment a synergy is built that can provide the kind of personal change that in turn leads to greater societal changes and eventually political changes.  It is vital to engage, inspire, entertain and challenge audiences by breathing new life and inventiveness into classical, contemporary and new works on stage.

As a professional actor, I believe in the power of theatre to startle the soul, ignite debate and embrace the diversity of the community it serves.

The impact of my acting centers on self-understanding and fulfillment. Human nature leads us to be original. Acting is the perfect outlet for people to be original and to express themselves. This also helps to bridge the gap of our misunderstanding of why we exist.   Acting is a sophisticated expression of a basic human need — one might call it an instinct — to mimic, to project stories onto ourselves and others, and to create meaning through narrative and metaphor.  And in an age when most of our communication happens in front of a screen, I think that this gathering function of theatre is, in and of itself, something that matters.

Acting models for me a kind of public discourse that lies at the heart of democratic life, and builds our skills for listening to different sides of a conversation or argument, and empathizing with the struggles of our fellow human beings whatever their views may be. When I watch a play, I learn what happens when conflicts don’t get resolved, and what happens when they do. I develop my faculty for imagining the outcomes of various choices I might make in my personal life and my political life. It’s not surprising that, in repressive societies, theatre has often been aligned with the movement toward openness and freedom. 

Theatre influences the way we think and feel about our own lives and encourages us to take a hard look at ourselves, our values, and our behavior.  Theatre expresses a basic human instinct, brings people together, models democratic discourse, contributes to education and literary, and influences how we think and feel about our own lives.

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being”    Thornton Wilder

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“Clay David is at the top of his game.” 
-David-Elijah Nahmod, SF WEEKLY

“Clay David gives a stunningly good performance.”
-Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News

“Clay David steals the show with a performance that reminded me of Martin Short and Jerry Lewis at their best!”  Marin Patch “Believe me! You’ll need Kleenex for this emotional performance. RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!!”
-Lee Hartgrave,  San Francisco’s Beyond Chron

“Clay David is wonderful.”
-David-Elijah Nahmod, SF WEEKLY 

“Brilliant!  Clay David is like a magnet. RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!!”
-Lee Hartgrave,  ‘The Voice Of The Rest’ 



“Clay David sizzles like something out of Monty Python.”
-Marin Independent Journal

“Clay David is a real show stopper.”
-East Bay Express

“’Clay Magic’ happens.”
-Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times, West County Times

“A splendid performance that make this play ‘like nothing you’ve ever seen before.’ It’s the big bang of the season.” 
-Lee Hartgrave, San Francisco’s Beyond Chron

“Clay David is one of the most highly spirited, delightfully and audaciously crafted performers you will see outside a professional Broadway theatre. “
-J. Carlos Moore, Director, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre